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Z-Day is my entry in the Seven Day Roguelike Contest . It's considered finished now. There might be some bugs lurking there, however… Unfortunatelly, there seem to be no curses module for Python under Windows. The game uses PyGame when curses is not available, but it's definitely not the same.



Altrough the basic game is finished, there might still be bugs lurking about — if you encounter one, don't hesitate to report it. Also, any feedback is appreciated, as I'm planning on making a more advanced zombie-themed roguelike game, and could greatly benefit from your comments when planning it. You can contact me easily.





On your trip to local supermarket you suddenly heard a lound noise and lost your consciousness. When you woke up, you found the whole store totally ruined and all the people either dead or zombified. You have to leave, but there are several storyes to pass trough, and the zombies look hungry.

Fortunately there are all those goodies from DIY stores and the guard's guns are lying around. With a bit of luck you should make it to the ground floor.


There are two aspects of your character's health. The first one is pretty straightforward — it's the wounds he received. The wounds are displayed in the upper right corner of the display, next to W:, as asterisks. You can heal your wounds using wound sprays and first aid kits.

The second aspect is your stamina. It's a number displayed next to the S: in the upper right corner of the display. It indicates your character's strength, will to survive and his fatigue. Once it drops to zero, any hit can kill him — even when he's got no wounds at all!

The bleeding from wounds, and tiring activities, like running, will decrease the stamina. You can restore it by eating, but it takes some time to recover. Keeping your stamina high will make you live longer.


You only collect items from the crates and from dead bodies. All other items lying around are either broken or simply useless. Also, when you throw anything away it's practically impossible to find it again in this mess.


You win the game if you survive trough all the storeys of the supermarket and make it to one of the emergency exits.


Q: Are there any screenshots?

A: Considering that it's a text-mode game I didn't think screenshots would be necessary or useful, but since you ask, I made one.

Q: Is this game really awesome?

A: Yes. Yes it is.