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Testing Some More

Testing Some More More

What about a link

Another line

I'm just having a quick go at this. I think its pretty cool and *will* have a go.

TG14 IP-plan v2


Hey, does anyone here get on irc?

Try the #wiki channel at freenode.

I wanna type some code: ``````````````````````` #include <iostream> using namespace std;

int main() {

    return 0;

} ```````````````````````

Turururu, hi!


Name Default Meaning
interface all interfaces What interface should the wiki bind to when running as standalone web server.
port 8080 What port should the standalone web server listen on.
script_name Automatic Which part of the URL is the path to the script. Some setups need to override this.
pages_path docs In what directory should the pages be kept?
repo_path same as pages_path In what directory should the repository be created? (available since 1.5.0)
page_charset utf-8 What encoding should be used to store the pages?
cache_path cache In what directory should the cache be kept?
config_file hatta.conf What files should be searched for additional configuration?
read_only False Should editing be disabled? (Available since version 1.3.0)
subdirectories False Store subpages as subdirectories in the filesystem? (available since version 1.4.0)