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I'm going to have a talk at a PyZurich meetup. Showing different ways you can program small robots with Python.


I'm moving from Poznań to Zürich. Also, I'm going to have a poster session about my Robots at PyCon.US this year.


Just got back from another conference. One more ahead this year.


More conferences, see you there:


A copule of meetigs and confereces ahead:

See you there!


I left the excellent team of Python programmers working on the Ralph project at Allegro, and joined the Tuscar team at Red Hat. We will work on adding hardware provisioning to OpenStack.


I'm going to do that "Magical Attributes" talk one more time, this time at pycon.pl 2013.


I'm going to run a workshop on Python's "Magical Attributes" at the 4Developers conference. I will also present this material as a talk on the Europython conference. See you there!


Preparing for FOSDEM 2013, you can probably catch me around the Python room.


After a wave of spam, I added a ReCAPTCHA to this wiki.


A new version of Hatta is released. The project was in hiatus for some time, but now I'm again working on it.


This was a long due, but I finally moved this website and a couple of others to the new server. There should be no user-visible changes, but do let me know if you notice anything missing or broken.


Another year and another Europython and PyCon.pl. I ran a JavaScript workshop on both of them this year, based on the excellent "JavaScript for Python Programmers" workshop prepared by Jonathan Fine.


A lot of things happened this month.

I have a new job, now I work at http://allegro.pl – still programming in Python.

I went to Łódź to attend ZTG, which was a great experience. We even created a game in 24 hours.

Just now I came back from PyCon.pl, a convention of python programmers. I think it was the best PyCon.pl so far.


The Europython in Florece is nearing. See you there.


Preparing for a trip to Atlanta, for PyCon.us.


Last weekend I took part in a training organized by http://devmeetings.pl about writing games in JavaScript. I must admit that I was a little put aback by their marketing, colorful web page and twitter and facebook everywhere, but I decided to go and I don't regret. The training was pure solid gold: a lot of knowledge, first-hand experience, really smart people with passion and, last but not least, fun. Definitely recommended.


Packing up for a trip to San Francisco and Mountain View, for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Meeting, representing MoinMoin.


Preparing a talk for this years's PyCon.pl. Not about Hatta, but I hope the talk will help all python programmers, at least a little. The talk is at http://devel.sheep.art.pl/frags/raw-file/tip/slajdy.html


Slowly preparing for this year's Europython conference. Look for a Hatta t-shirt.


I just turned 30 yesterday. I don't feel different.


Going to FOSDEM in February.


Working at STX Next as a python programmer since the beginning of the year.


The polish branch of the company I work for currently (OpenX) is closing, I'm on a lookout for new exciting job opportunities.


Going to Bielefeld next weekend to visit a friend and verify the conspiracy theory about its non-existence.


Going to pycon.pl to Ustronie in a few days. See you there, look for a "Hatta" t-shirt.


I'm still in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, and will stay here for the next two weeks, after which I'm going to Birmingham for the Europython conference.


My new job requires me to go to USA for the next month. It's the first time I'm actually leaving Europe, so I'm a bit nervous.


I started work as system administrator at OpenX. The amount of free time I have will drop dramatically, but it means I get to learn and do a lot of very interesting stuff.


Just for information, I'm going to Berlin during the Christmas break, to attend the 25c3 conference. If you want to meet me there, look around the MoinMoin table.


Version 1.2.0 of Hatta released. This version has translation support and a few of translations, also some useful scripts for starting it locally and as fascgi or wsgi, a few minor features (mostly in the markup) and some bug fixes.


Version 1.1.0 of Hatta released. Some fixes, lots of new features: preview, math formulas, ATOM feed, configuration. Try it while it's hot!


Released a stable version of Hatta, a wiki engine for Mercurial. It's a complete rewrite of Dandelion, it's small and robust.


Back from International Roguelike Developers Conference, Berlin. Got to know the people who I've been talking about game design for years. Absolutely amazing experience.


I'm looking for an apartment – my hosts are moving out of Poznań. Also, the Google Summer of Code pretty much finished, great thanks to Paweł Pacana for working hard on hist Mercurial storage back-end for MoinMoin.


Slowly migrating my bliki (blog+wiki) to a simple wiki – blogging might be fun, but is not that useful, especially when your blog is so erratic and eclectic. I hope to migrate things that seem to have any value, and just leave the rest on a locked site, for archiving.


I'm back from the EuroPython, it has been a great experience. I learned a lot about python and some tools and libraries that are available for it, but mostly I have met a lot of very interesting people. My organization sucked horribly, we traveled 12h with a bus, we stayed in the most expensive hotel in the vicinity, gone to the most expensive restaurant and I couldn't even stay for sprints – even may plan to do the sprints from home didn't work, as I have just fallen asleep right after arrival. Nevertheless it was all worth it.

I learn on my mistakes and next year I will organize it much better. Next EuryPython is taking place in Birmingham, England, and I will definitely plan a lot of time for sprints and sightseeing.